eZee iFeedback

Customer Feedback System

eZee iFeedback is a versatile online feedback system for hotels and restaurants which allows to build stronger relationships with guests and customers. Complete freedom on how and when to collect feedback from clients. Powered with robust features, eZee iFeedback will give hotels and restaurants complete freedom when engaging customers.

Customer feedback is of the vital importance for a business to be successful and they are the heart of every successful business. In the hospitality industry without satisfied and happy customers, it would be impossible for hotels and restaurants to be successful and constantly grow. eZee iFeedback will adapt naturally with hotel and restaurant operations, enhance overall customer service, and provide a strong community for future success.


Customizable Surveys

Create your own survey with customized forms according to the specific requirements relating to the products and services offered by your establishment.

Comment Section

Comment section allows your customers to enter personal message or opinion about your product and service giving you a different viewpoint that may not be reflected on the feedback form.

Reports & Analytics

Multiple report types can be generated in the system for accurate analysis and better understanding your customer behavior.

Multilingual Feedback

The feedback forms can be generated in different languages allowing your customers to give feedback in their preferred language.

Instant Alert via Email & SMS

iFeedback will automatically send an Email and SMS to the concerned department when a customer gives a negative feedback.

Social Media Integration

eZee iFeedback is integrated with various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. allowing you to publish the results of the feedback form on your social network page.


Keep your hotel and restaurant branding strong with eZee iFeedback’s theme support that enables you to customize the total look and feel according to your own brand. Clients will only see your hotel and restaurants brand and create stronger brand loyalty.

Customizable Tabs

Customize tabs such as what is new, Popular, Activity, etc. and enable or disable them anytime.


Keep your information safe by making everyday information backup and restore the information easily.

Limitations of Traditional Paper Feedback Forms

Organizations using traditional paper feedback forms come across many limitations some are obvious and some often overlooked. eZee iFeedback can give your organization a complete overhaul which will allow you to collect and analyze feedback from your customers more efficiently and effectively without any disadvantages.

  • Time Consuming
  • Limited Accessibility
  • No Instant Response
  • Hard to Edit and Modify
  • No Reports
  • Data Manipulation
  • Intruding Process
  • Printing Costs

Guest Feedback Options

Website Surveys

Customers can fill up the feedback anytime after their experience with organization online and access the survey via a URL link allowing you to get feedback from them anytime. Website surveys can also be accessed via PC, Tablet or smart phones.

Tablet Surveys

Businesses can facilitate guests to provide quick surveys right from tablets; this is a great way for gathering quick feedbacks. Tablets also provide high mobility within the establishment and guests can access survey via their personal tablets.

Smart Phone Surveys

Hotel can send link of feedback surveys via SMS to the guests during their stay or guest's check out, mobile phones are the fastest way of reaching out to your customers and significantly increases chances of feedback.

QR Codes

Create QR codes for different surveys which can be strategically placed at your establishment where guests can directly scan the code and access the surveys they want to.

Touch Screen Kiosks

One of the easiest and efficient ways of collecting feedback from guests, hotels can strategically place touch screen kiosks across prime locations and setup eZee iFeedback surveys according to the requirements.

Hotel and Restaurant App

eZee iFeedback supports custom hotel or restaurant app, it can be integrated with the application allowsing customers to directly give feedback from their mobile phones. eZee iFeedback can be interfaced with Appytect which is a Hotel App Builder from eZee and also with any other app out there.

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