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Let’s get familiar with the concept of restaurant POS system

An online restaurant POS system is a comprehensive system designed especially for a restaurant for a better and streamlined execution of all the operations. Encompassing features like order management, menu management, integration with food delivery companies and more, a restaurant POS system aids restaurants in improving their services, increase revenue and serve more guests.

Integration with online food ordering portals

Keeping pace with the current vogue in the industry, we’ve integrated our tablet POS with all prime food delivery companies like Zomato, Foodpanda, Swiggy, and UberEats. Grab this opportunity to reach out to your customers and expand your restaurant business with us.

Single or several: Menu management becomes easy

Keeping a check on what you offer, at what time you offer and what rates you offer is truly arduous. eZee’s cloud restaurant POS system lets you create and manage seasonal and periodic menus, along with session-wise menus at your eatery with utmost ease.

Dine-in to room service: Orders handled in a jiffy

Do you take dine-in, or take away? Or you have an in-house restaurant with a hotel? Regardless of the different types of orders you manage; dine-in, room service or even complimentary orders; the hotel POS will make your order taking extremely effortless.

Shift management: The through and through

You may hire a handful of your staff on the basis of separate shift timings. Managing their rotating shifts, their tasks and the whole shebang becomes absolutely smooth with the online restaurant POS system.

Stable and secure: Your orders never stop pouring in

We know, system stability and data security is an imperative aspect of your business. You don’t want your software to be a hurdle in your business. And you surely don’t want your important data to be open. In the online restaurant management system, you get a total control on the privileges you grant to users, securing your data from unauthorized access.

Bills and reports: Nothing gets left out

The online restaurant POS software covers the A-Z of your restaurant management. From generating accurate bills to the settlements by accepting payments through varied modes; to front and back-office reports, sales reports and alot more.

Inventory and Stock Management

Take your restaurant business one step ahead with the smart inventory and stock management. With real-time tracking of all your restaurant inventory, let go the snags of wastage and blunders and have a complete control over your inventory and stock.

Delivery Management

Pull the strings of delivery management without any hassles. Assign the orders to the drivers, track driver route, monitor delivery time, number of deliveries done per day and more easily with our online restaurant software

Third-party integrations: The daily grub made easy

The online restaurant system comes with several third-party hardware and software integrations, such as financial accounting software, cash drawers, printers, payment and SMS gateways and a lot more; which makes your restaurant management effortless.

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